Getting ready for prac

I begin prac this Friday with a wonderful Year 4/5 class and a fantastic mentor.  For the past 2 weeks have been fortunate enough to do some volunteer work in the classroom to get to know the routine and the kids (I think I have all 30 etched in my brain – as long as the desks don’t get moved – ha ha!).  However, I am particularly nervous about the few ICT’s available in the classroom.  My prac classroom has one IWB and 1 Mac computer for student use.  There are digital camera’s available through the school and there is a whole school computer lab that can be booked.   The IWB is used heavily by my  mentor teacher primarily to engage students by displaying visual stimulus and modelling and explaining concepts.  The integration of this ICT in the classroom is well received and from my observations the students really enjoy and engage in material delivered through this means.  However, I am still unsure how I am going to effectively integrate ICT’s into learning opportunities where the students can become producers of information with ICT’s rather than just receivers.  Anybody else having similar concerns?


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